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Launching UN Road Safety Week

UN Road Safety Week kicked off this year in style, with an animation from Lambda Films, commissioned by FIA Foundation. We’re always grateful for the opportunity to produce video...

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The Explainer Animation…explained

Ah, the Explainer Animation. It’s one of those useful internet tools that almost everyone has experienced at some point.  Whether you’re purchasing a product, exploring a new hobby or...

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Rising Tide

“The most valuable thing we extract from the ocean is our existence” – Dr Sylvia Earle   During the recent downturn, we, as a company, took some time to...

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Video Game Trailer - Jurassic World Evolution

Return to Jurassic Park

To promote the release of Jurassic World Evolution on the Nintendo Switch, we were challenged to recreate, arguably, one of the most iconic cinematic scenes of all time. The...

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Header Image - Macro photography of an Emerald gemstone

The Invisible World of Gemstones

In a recent pitch, we invited our client to imagine the brutal, and beautiful, microscopic world of mineral formation. To creatively achieve the visual representation of chemical reactions we used...

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Video Production in Lockdown blog header

Video Production Guidelines

Imagine how dull the last 3 months might have been without Netflix? Amazon Prime? Disney+? iPlayer? AppleTV+? Whatever your streaming platform of choice; I think we can agree that...

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Blog header | Video Marketing in a Downturn

Video Marketing in a Downturn

Today, we find ourselves in strange circumstances thanks to COVID-19. The economy is in a downturn. However, it’s not your regular flavour of economic standstill. Our team, albeit scattered,...

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Logo for Hedge Video Software

Lambda x Hedge | A Review

At the end of 2019, we undertook a film project of relatively epic proportions; an intense 5-day shoot using the awesome Red Helium, shooting hundreds of clips in 8K...

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Liquid Art On Video

Creative Flows

For our highly-conceptual video project for Gemfields, we wanted to create bold & vivid abstract elements to represent the mineral formation of gemstones. To achieve this look we opted...

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Blog header for flexible working culture

Raising a middle finger to the 9-5

Hands up who likes having a 9-5? Who thinks that the 9-5 is fit for purpose in today’s world? I thought as much. We’re at a crucial junction today,...

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