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The brief was to produce a short animation for Aromastick. The Swiss company were launching a new range of natural and organic inhalers, and needed a creative animation partner.

We were proud to have been chosen to craft the animation for Aromastick; having been picked from a pool of global talent. Aromastick believed that our approach to character design and use of colour, was a perfect match to launch their range of natural inhalers.

As a digital form, animation lends itself to working remotely. Therefore, our working relationship with Aromastick was wonderfully seamless. Style-frames, storyboards and voice over were all approved online. While the final animation was compiled at our base in Norwich.

Our design used a gentle, and natural, colour palette. We made this choice to reflect the ethos, and organic nature of the product. Lambda animator, Millie Woodcock drew the characters with a beautiful simplicity, but flexible enough to remain relatable to audiences.

The animation proved a powerful marketing tool for Aromastick. Therefore, we produced a new film to help explain the science of the product. This project was to be a mixture of live action film and animation.

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