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Jurassic World Evolution Launch Trailer

To promote the release of Jurassic World Evolution, we were challenged to create a launch trailer that took viewers back to 1993; to one of cinema’s most iconic moments.

The filmed sequences we produced for the launch trailer were a twist on the infamous ‘rippling water’ scenes from the original Jurassic Park. Except this time, we revealed a stomping T-Rex on the Nintendo Switch, rather than the real thing. Well, obviously not the real thing…

This involved sourcing a vintage Land Rover to look the part. And installing a rain tower at Savoir Faire Studios in Norwich, to create the atmosphere. To produce the ripples we fed guitar strings through the bottom of the cups, and turnbuckles to apply the tension. When plucked, the strings created the iconic ripples required for the shot.

Due to continuing COVID working conditions, the entire production was streamed live to the client using OBS Studio. Feedback was immediate, following a shot, and changes applied on the fly.

The final promo was a collaboration between our Cambridge Production team and developer, Frontier, who integrated the final gameplay footage in to the film. This resulted in a spectacularly polished commercial. As for following in Spielberg’s footsteps, you can soon read a detailed breakdown on our blog, Return to Jurassic Park, on how we went about achieving this mini-reboot.

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Ryan Stone
Alex Morris & Lawrence Pearce
Director of Photography:
David Stafford
First AC:
James Coy
Sound Design:
Jamie Lewis
VFX & Compositing:
Chris Taylor