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The English Whisky Company

It’s not everyday that you get to celebrate The Queens 90th birthday. And the English Whisky Co decided it called for a bit more than just a party.


The English Whisky Co decided to produce a very special beverage in honour of the Queen’s 90th Birthday. The ‘Queens 90th’ whisky was limited to only 480 bottles. Furthermore, the whisky was vatted from a selection of casks to produce a unique and beautiful flavour.
To fully honour this creation, Lambda Films was asked to produce a smooth, and cinematic promotional film.
Heritage, as the film came to be known, is a special film for Lambda too. This is the first film that allowed us to creatively craft the cinematic aesthetic that we have become known for. With the release of Heritage, we demonstrated to the world, exactly how we wanted to produce corporate and commercial film. The rest, as they say, is history.
The team at The English Whisky Co gave our Norwich team unprecedented access, and creative freedom, to produce the film. Thanks to this, we were able to fully utilise shadow and contrast, and eschew traditional techniques in order to create this special cinematic tone.
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