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Rising Tide

Rising Tide

“The most valuable thing we extract from the ocean is our existence”

– Dr Sylvia Earle


During the recent downturn, we, as a company, took some time to consider what was really important to us. Reflecting on our decade of commercial production, we agreed that the most fulfilling  projects were those that supported global causes and gave a voice to human stories. 

So, we decided to use the downturn as a time to produce a series of our own films. A set of projects that raised awareness about issues we were passionate about. The first was Rising Tide


While restricted traffic & travel may have had a huge positive impact on the environment, the increased reliance on single-use plastic and face masks exacerbated the existing issue of oceanic pollution. It has been estimated that the pandemic has triggered the global use of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves every month ¹. While general waste (from single use plastics and takeaway refuse) is set to see a 30% increase between 2019 – 2020 ². It feels like we are taking a step backwards.

Rising Tide was our film to remind audiences that oceanic pollution remains a problem, perhaps even more so post-pandemic.


The film  captures a day in the life of an ageing Fisherman; a man who has lived harmoniously with the ocean his whole life. The Fisherman’s failing health reflects that of the ocean’s and we see how their symbiotic relationship begins to fail as their health worsens. Now, only memories of the past sustain the Fisherman, however, with the ocean, we have a chance to turn back the clock


To promote the film and its message, we chose to gift it to relevant charities, organisations and environmentally-conscious businesses to use within their communications on World Ocean Day (June 8th). For World Ocean Day, we encourage our readers (and viewers) to explore how you can help reduce oceanic pollution, and please support some of our charity partners in their endeavours.

Sea Changers | Just One Ocean | Surfers Against Sewage | The Ocean Cleanup | Plastic Oceans | Marine Conservation Society 

Rising Tide: A Film for World Ocean Day





The Fisherman: Bill Best

Director: Ryan Stone

Producer: Alex Morris & Hillary Whales

Director of Photography: David Stafford

Camera Assistant: James Coy

Editor: Darren Jamieson

Colourist: James Gorman

Music Composition: David Escott – Doppler&Dubbs 

Sound Mix: Doppler&Dubbs

Special Thanks to Ann & Jamie Nickerson at Burnt Fen