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An Eclipse

An Eclipse is one in a series of three short documentaries examining the different natural elements released by eruputing volcanoes.

These films capture the real-life stories and experiences of disaster survivors; with the objective of analysing risk and educating communities that live in the shadows of active volcanoes.
An Eclipse focuses on the impact of ash on those communities and how it can affect crops, livestock and safety.

Filmed across the volcanoes Tungurahua in Ecuador, Soufrière Hills in Montserrat and Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia.

You can watch the accompanying films, A River of Rock & A Glowing Cloud here.

The World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery and the Department for International Development
Producer (Lambda Films):
Hillary Whales
Producer (British Geological Survey):
Anna Hicks
Producer (University of East Anglia):
Jenni Barclay & Teresa Armijos
Producer (University of Bristol):
Steve Sparks & Sarah K Brown
Ryan Stone & Alex Morris
James Gorman & David Stafford
Donovan Jones