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STREVA | The Eruption of Nevado Del Ruiz

Colombia, 1985. The volcano, Nevado Del Ruiz, erupts killing approximately 25,000 citizens, destroying villages and shattering communities. In this short documentary, Lambda Films collects memories from some of the survivors of the disaster.

Lambda Films has enjoyed a long and industrious relationship with STREVA (Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas.) In that time, we produced a number of short documentaries that explore the lives and stories of communities who have survived volcanic eruptions.

These documentaries have always served an educational purpose. The STEVA team who commission these documentaries ensure that the content provides insight in to past mistakes, future solutions and best practises in the event of an eruption. The films are then shown to communities across the world who live with the threat of volcanic activity. It is our hope that they save the lives during future disasters.

For this documentary, we travelled across Colombia talking to eruption survivors and getting an insight in to their daily lives. This included a sugar cane farmer, a cowboy and a school teacher.

Additionally, we have also produced a number of other short docs on similar themes. For more content on volcanic risk, you can watch An Eclipse, A River of Rock & A Glowing Cloud.

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Anna Hicks & Jenni Barclay
Location Producer:
Teresa Armijos Burneo
Alex Morris
David Stafford & James Gorman
Anna Eastick & Diego De Sanctis