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Morgan Sindall – The Enterprise Centre

How do you deliver the greenest, most sustainable construction in Europe, when the UK industry is anything but? In this film, we explored how Morgan Sindall achieved the impossible.

The Enterprise Centre is a hub for small and medium-sized businesses, situation on the campus of the University of East Anglia. The brief for Morgan Sindall, was to make it one of the greenest buildings in all of Europe.

For Morgan Sindall, this was their challenge but also their opportunity. To make history with The Enterprise Centre Morgan Sindall would have to defy conventions. They would be forced to pioneer new methods and overcome challenges and opposition.

Lambda Films produced this film to document and highlight the process adopted by Morgan Sindall. In a break from conventional construction video, we focused on telling the story.

We explored the people, the companies and the unique disciplines that contributed to the successful completion of the building.

The success of this construction video for Morgan Sindall has triggered a steady stream of similar, creative films for the construction giant. You can see our latest film, Operation Spitfire on our video production portfolio. Alternatively, to read more about the creative process, check out our Morgan Sindall Expert Series article.

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