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Rising Tide

World Ocean Day

Rising Tide is an independent Lambda Films production, developed and filmed between the first and second lockdowns of 2020.

With time on our hands, we decided to film a series of projects for ourselves that reflected the shared values of the company; Rising Tide was the first. The film explores the theme of oceanic pollution and the fragile symbiotic relationship we have with the ocean.

Upon completion, we gifted the film to charities and organisations for their personal promotional use on World Ocean Day.

You can read further about the motivations behind the production of Rising Tide on our blog, as well as finding out for yourselves how you help reduce oceanic pollution in a post-pandemic world.

The Fisherman: Bill Best
Director: Ryan Stone
Producer: Hillary Whales & Alex Morris
Director of Photography: David Stafford
Camera Assistant: James Coy
Editor: Darren Jamieson
Colourist: James Gorman
Music Composition: David Escott – Doppler&Dubbs
Sound Mix: Doppler&Dubbs
Thanks to Ann & Jamie Nickerson at the Burnt Fen location

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