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Applied Acoustics | Pyxis Launch

To promote the launch of the Pyxis system from Applied Acoustics; we produced a 3D animation to depict the subsea applications of the product.

This film was the first foray into 3D for our client, Applied Acoustics. To help support them through the process, we produced a rough 2D animatic to help visualise the camera moves and the placement of the 3D elements and structures. In order to maintain the budget, we relied on stock models for the larger marine vessels and textured them ourselves.

To produce the 3D model for the Pyxis product itself was a little harder. There was no CAD model of the Pyxis for our team to develop; so the animation team modelled the product based on supplied photographs.

Lastly, we created the stunning oceanic environment, and added some light graphical titles to complete the visuals. As a final flourish, we partnered with Doppler & Dubbs to produce the sound design and final mix. The professional sound design greatly enhanced the realism of the 3D animation and bought our digital environment, to life.

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