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M4 Soundbar

The M4 speaker animation was our first production for Hi-Fi brand,Q Acoustics. Using 3D animation, we digitally constructed the M4, before energetically demonstrating its features and benefits.

The M4 soundbar is a premium Q Acoustic product. The unit has won countless awards for its design and performance, beating out more expensive ‘brand’ products. Therefore, we wanted our 3D animation to celebrate its position, pack a punch, and get viewers excited for such a powerful product.

We achieved the impactful style through dynamic exploded views, whipping 3D camera moves and audio manipulation. We show off the unit from every angle; utilising extreme wides and detailed macro views.

This 3D speaker animation remodelled the basic CAD model of the M4 soundbar. We applied textures, lighting and movement in Maya, and combined it with additional effects in Adobe After Effects. In some cases we had to model specific parts, in order to bring the creative concept to life.

We have been lucky to work with a number of hi-fi & speaker brands in our lifetime. This includes video and 3D animation work for Monitor Audio, Roksan, Q Acoustics & dCS. These examples demonstrate multiple approaches to hi-fi brands; from creative concepts, to lifestyle, informational and dynamic animation.

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