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Spacelink | When Seconds Matter

Spacelink have developed an innovative new Satellite model. The new, medium-Earth orbit Satellite drastically changes the game when it comes to high-tech, global communications. Spacelink turned to Lambda Films to produce a 3D animation explaining how it works.

Understanding Spacelink’s product, and the benefits, was key in developing this explainer animation. We confess that we’re not rocket scientists at Lambda, but we took the time to understand the details. Our team learnt the difference Earth orbits, digital signals and existing Satellite technology.

Once we understood the science behind the technology, we created a simple animatic that allowed us to explore movements and positioning of elements. Our animation team in Cambridge then proceeded to build high-quality 3D Spacelink animation. Final touches included specific changes to 3D camera perspectives and movements, exploring different methods of signal visualisation (based on expert consultation) and the addition of dynamic motion titles.

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