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Auriens Chelsea

To launch their new Chelsea Residences, Auriens commissioned Lambda Films to produce a high-end, cinematic film reflective of their luxury brand position.

Auriens approached London-based Lambda Films having been inspired by the project, The Restaurateur, with Michelin-Star Chef Richard Bainbridge. The attention to detail, and the delicate approach in the filming and editing was exactly what Auriens required for their luxury promotional film.

The brief was to create a glossy, cinematic corporate video for Auriens Chelsea. In addition, the video was to provide the viewer with a scenic tour of the residence; showcasing the facilities, the staff and the quality.

We decided to pitch a narrative arc to the film, to elevate it above a simple brochure film. Therefore, we scripted a simple story of a husband and wife, enjoying the facilities in preparation for a special day. In this way, we had motivation behind the tour, and additional emotional resonance between characters.

Specialist talent and crew supported our team for this project. An expanded gaffer and grip team allowed us to move quickly through the various locations; pre-lighting later scenes while filming was occurring elsewhere.


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Ryan Stone
Alex Morris
Director of Photography:
David Stafford
First AC:
James Coy
Seba Kudanowski & Joseph Nowell
Lorenzo Guerrieri & Elliot Morris
Hair Stylist:
Kristopher Smith
Wardrobe Stylist:
Grace Gilfeather
Make-up Artist:
Mark Cook
Mel Wanjala & Joshua Sutherland
Lisskula Ljungkvist-Wagner, Colin Childs, Alistair Findlay, Evon Brennan