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BSPB – Plant Breeding Matters

The plant breeding industry is perhaps not a well-known one. This is why The British Society of Plant Breeders required a hero film to demonstrate what they do, and why their work matters to the world.

That was the brief given to us by The British Society of Plant Breeders. However, we didn’t want viewers to just care about the work, but also the people. Our concept relied on humanising the team within BSPB, showing their interests both at work and at home.

Pre-interviews with our contributors not only gave us the backbone for the narration, but also ideas of who they were as individuals. We then filmed hobbies such as cycling, yoga & cross country running.

The narration from the contributors outlined how plant breeding bolsters and supports the world’s farming efficiency. As a science, it has the potential to maximise yield and minimise hunger and poverty. Our film aimed to highlight these amazing people and demonstrate their passion for plant breeding.

Lambda Films specialises in video production and animation for the science industry, and with a peculiar niche for Plant Breeding organisations. You can watch further relevant films for companies such as Syngenta, The John Innes Centre and The Earlham Institute.

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