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Syngenta | Our Challenge

Every 24 hours, there are 200,000 more people to feed. In 50 years, the world will need more food than in the last 10,000 years. Syngenta, the crop science experts, are ready to take on this challenge. They just needed a hero video to tell their story.


Syngenta are pioneers in plant and crop science. They are developing new, sustainable ways to face the future food crisis.

It has been a privilege for our Cambridge Production team to work alongside the company for a number of years, producing an array of corporate video and animation content for them. Our video content covered many aspects of the plant and crop science process. We explored biokinetics, formulation, trials and safety and seed development, as well as product launches.

Lambda Films have become somewhat of an expert in plant science, and a video partner to many similar organisations. Thanks to our work with Syngenta, we have gone on to work with The British Society of Plant Breeders, The John Innes Centre, Bayer and The European Seeds Agency.

You can view some of our additional video and animation work in the field of science and plant/crop breeding with projects such as Plant Breeding Matters (BSPB) and The JIC (John Innes Centre).

For projects in the East of England, check out our services on the local video production Cambridge page.