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Earlham Institute – Bringing Science to Life

“What we do here can be difficult to explain to those from a non-scientific background.” This was our challenge when producing this animation; to articulate the aims and expertise of the Earlham Institute.

To achieve this result, the very, non-scientific crew of Lambda Films had to understand it first. Our Norwich team enjoyed a number of discussions and tours around The Earlham Institute to get to grips with the key messaging of the animation. The script then went through a rigorous quality control process to ensure we did explain the key areas of the Institute’s work.

Producing a scientific animation allows a great deal of creativity. Animation lends itself well to disciples such as science; able to visualise the smallest atom of the far reaches of the Universe.

This scientific animation was no different. The animation design itself used a limited palette to create a uniform approach. We added depth through mottled, natural textures within the design. Picture-in-picture techniques were used to create the sense of complexity, while size and scale were playfully inconsistent.

The final animation was positively received and was used as the Institute’s flagship film for many years.

For other examples of our scientific animation work, you can watch Smokefree Norfolk, Imperial Plus & Woolmark, True Circularity.

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