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The Potential Within | Chelmsford College

The Lambda Films had to produce a dynamic student recruitment film for Chelmsford College, with a very short deadline…

With that brief, we had to devise an exciting concept that required little time. It had to show the variety of courses and opportunities at Chelmsford College and ideally, within a single shoot day. Furthermore, we had to deliver the edits almost immediately in time for the College open day.

So, the concept remained simple. A handful of students, a single location and a handful of props. The rest would happen in post-production. The concept itself was to utilise the double exposure technique; creatively reflecting the interests and skills within the students themselves.

Production took place in a single room at Chelmsford College, and the students stood on a turntable, with a single light source to illuminate them. We carefully considered the shadow areas, on which the stock footage would be composited.

We kept the movements subtle. However, the pace of the edit and the rousing percussive track created the dynamic piece the college were looking for.

Chelmsford College broadcast the final film online, and as part of a TV & cinema advertising campaign. Multiple edits were created to promote the different dates of the Open Day.

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