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Hello Future | Lancaster University

Hello Future is the launch film for the Lancaster University campaign about employability and life after graduation.

Lambda Films were commissioned to produce the promotional film as part of the Hello Future campaign. The project was a hero film, in the sense that it had room to be artistically driven, rather than act as an explainer.

Therefore, we based the film on the daily lives of four successful graduates and their routine heading in to work. This implied the setting was post-University, and the graduates were successfully employed. The aim of the film was to resonate emotionally with the viewers rather than drive specific actions.

The bulk of the filming took place in the early ‘blue hours’ of the day; simply documenting the morning routines of the graduates. We used warm, practical lights to create an authentic feel to the scenes. While careful positioning, allowed us to maintain a cinematic style.

The soundtrack itself was an original composition by Norwich-based Singer Songwriter Ginny Dix.

Hello Future for Lancaster University is just one of many videos for the education sector that Lambda Films have created. To see more FE/HE films, take a look at This is UEA, City Academy Norwich & Imperial College, London.