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DVSA The Learning Zone

Continuing our long relationship with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, London animation studio, Lambda Films were commissioned to refresh and reboot the promotional animation for the DVSA theory-test software, The Learning Zone.

Previously, the promotional content for the theory test software used a screen-cast approach. Over the years, we gently shifted this approach with illustrated design. For the Learning Zone explainer animation, we wanted to take the style in a new, design-led direction. After all, it’s a younger audience that will watch this content!

Lambda Films animator, Millie Woodcock, led the design of the DVSA animation. Millie focused on a beautiful textured aesthetic, and a limited colour palette. The visuals were accompanied by a script that aimed to resonate with a younger audience, rather than attempting to over-explain. To keep the animation engaging, we tried to avoid the simple, flat frame. Instead the animation uses a variety of aerial views, abstract framing and quirky transitions.

The result is a visually stimulating, character-led explainer animation that has remained a promotional tool for the DVSA many years later.

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