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The Gazette

The Gazette is a deep, online source of complex information. However, it required an engaging animation to help explain the new Business Profile feature. To support this aim, we combined contemporary animation, with old-school print to produce a playful collage-style animation to educate users.

The Gazette is the UK’s official public record. Founded in 1665, it began life as a newspaper. Recently, it has been rebranded as The Gazette, and has become an online record for the UK government and businesses.

Our challenge was to bring The Gazette to life, and raise awareness of its benefits to B2B & B2C users. To do so, we used mixed-media, to creatively reflect The Gazette’s broadsheet heritage and new, digital form.

We designed the animated scenes to feel like repeatable GIFs, with simple movements and a humorous tone. Millie Woodcock designed the abstract characters in such a way to convey humour through their movements. Additionally, we crafted creative sound design to fully bring the project to life. In doing so, the SFX added a degree of realism to our strange little characters!

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