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Assemble For Shopify

Assemble is a high-end subscriptions app exclusive to Shopify. Shopify experts designed the app, but required an engaging explainer animation to help promote it upon launch.

We Are Eight returned to Lambda Films for yet another fun, promotional animation for their latest Shopify plugin, Assemble. This time, we designed the animation to feel classy, elegant and boutique. This was in line with the tone and audience for the Assemble plugin. This was a departure from our previous, fun and colourful animations for the developers, such as Bundle Builder.

Our design inspiration utilised abstract shapes, clean lines, an earthy colour palette and subtle textures. This ensured the design direction for the Assemble animation reflected the boutique aesthetic required. Our narrative included visual representations of digital elements, mixed with the real-world beneficiaries of the app – the customers. Mixing digital abstracts and characters ensured we explored both sides of the app – how it worked, and what it achieved.

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