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Enjoy, respect, achieve | City Academy Norwich

City Academy Norwich wanted to showcase its diverse courses and opportunities in an impactful college video. We were happy to take up the challenge.

We have extensive experience in producing videos for further and higher education. Having completed a number of creative projects for local colleges, we were approached by City Academy Norwich. CAN tasked us to promote their new brand and ethos to the world, Enjoy, Respect, Achieve.

We decided to build a fast-paced montage to demonstrate the variety of courses and activities available, all woven together by the talents of a real student on the drums. In this way, we could cover a wide variety of visuals while keeping the energy high. We spent a number of days at the college, filming their courses. This included music, sports, dance, languages and science.

The college were instrumental in their collaboration, allowing us to capture the most visual aspects of the lessons.

The final video was very well received, with the students themselves agreeing it made learning look “cool”, “way cool” and other variations of “cool” – so, that’s cool, right?

For other examples of our college video projects, see our video portfolio. Examples include West Suffolk College, Chelmsford College and Easton & Otley.