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Grow | Price Bailey

Price Bailey approached us to create an impactful hero film to represent their brand. To do so, we had to consider what made them special…

For the starting point for the creative concept, we went back to basics. We considered what an accountant does in the grand scheme of things, not just day to day. The answer was the often overlooked strength of a good accountant; the ability to not just look after your money, but to grow your business. This, as it so happened, was a core value at Price Bailey but not articulated in an effective way.

With this as the seed for our concept, we then formulated the key visual of giant people at work, a metaphor for a thriving business. This visual effect required the use of a mobile screen-screen. This had to be used on location, at the same time that the back-plate of the location was filmed. This enabled us to match sunlight direction and style.

We filmed scenes that supported the key industries for Price Bailey; agriculture, construction, technology, charity & energy. The post-production phase required extensive keying and rotoscoping to clean the image up and create a seamless composition.

Upon completion, Price Bailey felt the film so accurately represented their brand, they built a whole campaign around the creative concept. This included marketing collateral using scenes from the films, and innovative details such as ‘seed’ business cards to further articulate the grow concept.

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