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Eddington, Cambridge

The North West Cambridge Development is an innovative new extension to the city of Cambridge, UK. Pioneered by Cambridge University it seeks to create a new community based on opportunity and empowerment.

The development, formally named Eddington Cambridge was to be the blueprint for future, sustainable development in the UK.

A social innovation such as this required a powerful promotional film. The film had to help explain the values and motivations behind this huge project. For our creative approach, we explored the story of an individual, and how their life was shaped by the values of the new community.

To do so, we followed our character from a young age, through to an imagined future. During this time, we explore how the development helps shape the health, wealth and aspirations of the community.

Our Cambridge Production team worked closely with the University & the Developers of the Eddington Cambridge. This ensured the script, and the visuals reflected the future aims, even though the development was unfinished.

Through production, we wanted to create a slightly ethereal look to the visuals We used a dioptre to achieve this, shooting through the prism to create texture on the footage.

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