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Norfolk County Council | The Carer

Norfolk County Council needed to boost the number of foster carers in the region. However, they wanted to be honest and realistic about the responsibilities. We created a series of short adverts that weren’t afraid to reflect the reality of fostering.

To conceptualise our series of films, we talked to Norfolk County Council and collated real-life experiences of Norfolk carers. From this list, we selected a range of stories that provided variety and a strong narrative.

The Carer deals with the struggles of breaking through to a young person, and the need to step outside your comfort zone in order to truly connect. We wish we could have devised the touching concept of writing personal issues on a stone, and hurling it in to the sea. However, it was based on a genuine story from a Norfolk carer.

The Carer is our film about fostering younger children. We also produced films on fostering a teenager, siblings and children with mental disabilities. These films were used across the NCC Fostering Website, social spaces and regional TV advertising.

We have an extensive working partnership between Norfolk County Council and our Norwich Video Production team. You can see similar collaborations with local authorities and third sector clients with Road Safety, #Sugarsmart & The Matthew Project.

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