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JIC – Women in Science

Women in Science is an inspirational animation for International Women’s Day, celebrating the female scientists of the John Innes Centre and their ground-breaking research and work.

This project had a short turnaround time, and required involvement from scientists who were sometimes out in the field, and therefore, inaccessible. To this end, we aimed to create a concept that was relatively quick to produce. We asked for scientists to record their stories, either on their phone or using a computer microphone. This material provided the opportunity for remote, yet personal, narration. We could then include the true personalities of the scientists, even if they weren’t available for the project.

For the visual direction, we avoided creating animated characters to represent the scientists, and instead chose a collage approach. This provided us with the opportunity to include real-life images of the scientists, and avoided complex rigging and animation. A win-win, for this particular project.

Finally, we animated colourful and textured visuals, to produce a warm and inspirational film.

Women in Science was well received by The John Innes Centre, and received praise across the scientific industry. So much so, that we were later commissioned by The Royal Society of Chemistry to produce a similar animation about Gender Equality in chemistry.

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