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Video Marketing in a Downturn

Video Marketing in a Downturn

Today, we find ourselves in strange circumstances thanks to COVID-19.

The economy is in a downturn. However, it’s not your regular flavour of economic standstill. Our team, albeit scattered, continue to work and service clients… while wearing a colourful assortment of pyjamas.

The common reaction to such a situation is to reduce marketing spend. To pull up the drawbridge, so to speak, and wait it out in a proverbial state of hibernation.

However, we would encourage you, dear reader to be bold.

Research has shown that actually increasing marketing spend can yield long-term benefits. Here’s a few reasons why…

        • The ‘noise level’ in your market can drop as competitors cut their own ad spend. It’s your opportunity to increase your brand visibility and ‘share of voice’.
        • The cost of advertising drops as demand falls.
        • Demonstrating a show of strength and stability now, keeps you in consumer’s minds for longer.

While this may seem like an appealing opportunity, the particular nature of this situation has limited access to professional content creation methods, especially video.

So, from the other side of the fence, we’ve outlined a few approaches on how to continue your video marketing in a downturn…


Animation is the perfect medium to create video content without the need for travel, personal contact or access to facilities and products.

The production process is entirely digital, without compromising on quality, message or brand. Visuals can be fully-bespoke and tailored to the company. Brand messaging can be finely scripted, and delivered by a voice over artist, or remotely recorded by a colleague.

It’s like it’s purpose-built for the impending apocalypse!

Repurposing content

If you’ve had videos made in the past, or even professional photos. Have a chat with your video agency and discuss repurposing old content in a new way.

Edit-only jobs like this can be quick, flexible and relatively cheap.

Stock Films

There is an abundance of high-quality stock footage online. Savvy video production agencies can create a high-impact film for their clients without having to rustle up a production crew. Again, this edit-only job can be completed remotely, and with minimal requirements from the client. An original script, and branding go a long way to ensuring the film still feels unique, and authentic.

Goodnight & good luck

Almost every business is facing the same restrictions today. This could be a good opportunity to increase the visibility of your brand and create long-term benefits. Content creation, as a whole, is facing the same limitations, so work with your agency to get creative. Offer existing assets, or try something new from the list above. Hopefully this helps you to continue your video marketing in a downturn.