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Video Production Guidelines

Video Production Guidelines

Imagine how dull the last 3 months might have been without Netflix? Amazon Prime? Disney+? iPlayer? AppleTV+?

Whatever your streaming platform of choice; I think we can agree that the value of good quality content is higher than ever. And perhaps you want to make some. But you want to be certain it can still be done, safely and effectively.

At the end of March, we posted a guide to producing video content during lockdown. The TL:DR version? Animation, stock footage and edit-only content.

Three months on, there is more flexibility. As a result, cameras are rolling, and we’re working together as a team again. Sometimes, we’re still in pyjamas…

Ultimately, we can now offer our full suite of video production services, on top of our regular animation services.

Most of our work can be carried out remotely. For example, pre-production creative, editing, sound design and animation. However, live action film inevitably has certain elements of, well, liveness…

We want clients to feel confident that corporate video production is an option. Likewise, we want crew and talent to feel safe working with us, and want to address any concerns they might have.

So, we’ve combed through our process and agreed a set of video production guidelines. The aim is to keep crew, talent and clients safe while keeping quality high, and we don’t believe those are mutually exclusive goals.

Video Production Guidelines

        • The crew will cover their beautiful faces with masks at all times. Gear will be regularly sanitised.
        • A distance of at least 2 metres will be observed.
        • Filming takes place in large studio spaces to allow for social-distancing.  Consequently, floor markings will designate safe distances.
        • The focus and viewfinder have been replaced with remote versions. This keeps our Op & AC separate.
        • Longer lenses are used to keep distance between talent and camera.
        • Rigging and Grip is split into separate roles. So, each fixture has a single person in charge of it.
        • Production runs a little slower to ensure everything is considered before gear position is decided.
        • Client and Director can review filming via a remote monitor.
        • We’ve increased the power of our lighting rigs. Lights can be placed further from crew or talent.
        • On-set audio is captured via a boom. Radio mics are temporarily a thing of the past!
        • Talent is asked to do their own hair & make-up.
        • Most importantly, the crew bring their own travel mugs and coffee…

In Action

New live action video projects are already in production. These projects are putting our guidelines to the test. While quality is unaffected, the experience is a little different for everyone. You can be assured that while the result is the same, the process may be slower. It’s a little more considered, and requires teamwork from all involved.

It’s a bit like going to a fast food joint at the moment. You know the end result will be just as calorific and delicious. But there might be some minor inconvenience on both parties to get there.

We’re currently working on…

      • Product Videos | Clients have shipped their products directly to us. Our crew have captured a number of beauty shots to produce stunning launch trailers.
      • Concept Films | Our team is required to produce visuals for a science company. While avoiding labs, we are producing abstract visuals, filmed in our studio.
      • Training Videos | We are using a green screen to film individuals relaying training content. These will be edited together and deployed online.
      • Corporate Videos | We are filming company services carried out in carefully selected, isolated areas. To visualise some aspects of the service, we are using 3D animation.

Next Steps

Whatever your service or product, we can create video production content. So, talk to your video agency! See what might be possible within their own production guidelines.

For video agencies in a similar position, take a look at The Production Guild. They offer advice on how to consider your own video production guidelines.