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StatScale | Lancaster University

StatScale is an innovation in allowing data to analysed, understood and used for impactful and positive purposes around the world. To communicate this new innovation, the StatScale team approached Lambda Films for an explainer animation.

StatScale is a new statistical method of streaming data, developed by the team at Lancaster University.  Lancaster University & the StatScale team required an explainer animation that would succinctly outline the reason for, and the benefits, of their new innovation and help promote it to the wider world. Having produced videos for multiple education clients in the past, we were a natural choice.

We worked closely with StatScale and LU scientists on the script and storyboards. This allowed us to fully understand how the digital concept could be conveyed, and made relevant to target audiences. This collaborative approach allowed Lambda to structure the script in the best way to reach audiences. This included real-world scenarios and scenes combined with visuals that helped represent the abstract.

The bright and colourful aesthetic of the animation design aimed to avoid a more clinical and scientific tone. Therefore increasing engagement and interest in the film.

Our short explainer animation took the nebulous digital world of data streaming and conveyed it in a simple and artistic way. This approach helps the viewer understand the benefits of the system – if not, the actual science behind it!

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