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Agile | Bundle Builder

The world of the Shopify plugin is a crowded marketplace. Agile, a developer of Bundle Builder, needed premium animation content to cut through the noise, and position themselves as a leading supplier.

Agile sourced Lambda Films from a competitive global pitch; impressed by our design-led approach to animation and unique styles. The task then became to produce four, 2D animations to explain and promote Agile’s range of plugins for Shopify. These included Bundle Builder, Booking Engine, Conversion Maximiser & Product Builder.

We designed the Bundle Builder animation to be bright, friendly and playful; a reflection on the myriad of business ideas and products that the plugin supports. Additionally, the design makes use of a soft texture, and rough edging to create a softer, more tactile aesthetic; eschewing a clean, clinical and digital feel.

Finally, the animations proved successful in the marketing and brand positioning of Agile plugins; to the extent that Agile commissioned us for a further animation. The latest project was to promote Assemble, their high-end plugin for premium Shopify users. You can view the Assemble animation in the link below.

In conclusion, you can view more of our animation work on the portfolio. Alternatively for similar animations about digital products, see Agile, Assemble, DVSA, The Learning Zone and Lancaster University, StatScale.