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Monitor Audio – Design is in the detail

Monitor Audio launched the Studio speaker range. To promote the new products, Lambda Films produced a promo that focused on the detail; not just of the speaker – but the listening experience itself.


Design is in the detail was our first production for Monitor Audio. Since this film, we have a developed a strong and continually creative partnership with the hi-fi brand.

The film was to promote the new range of STUDIO, book-shelf speakers from Monitor Audio. The client was excited to demonstrate the new design of the cabinet, as well as hint at the pin-sharp acoustics from the new product. So, for this film, we wanted to draw out the detail, and create a sense of anticipation. We used a number of creative approaches to achieve these objectives.

For this project, we shot on LOMO 2:1 anamorphic lenses and a Kilfitt 90mm Macro Lens.  This creative choice forces the eye to focus on the centre of frame, and foreground the details there. Additionally, we chose a minimalist music track, with a slow build. This allowed us to place greater emphasis on the SFX of the actions on-screen; which helped ground the film in the real-world, rather than feel like an advert. The gradual rising tone of the music track helped build a subtle sense of travel towards the reveal.

We have established a strong portfolio of product videos, especially for the hi-fi industry. You can watch similar projects such as the Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar, dCS Lina & Roksan, Hi-Fi Simplified.

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