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Q Acoustics – M3 Soundbar

To promote the vibrant and dynamic sound of the Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar, we got messy…

Having produced a number of promotional 3D animations for Q Acoustics, we decided to take their fourth brief in a different creative direction. The print campaign for the M3 Soundbar promised a vibrant and exciting soundscape. So, we explored how we could reflect this on video.

We decided on a liquid art concept that used paints, oils and glitter. These liquids were then filmed at a macro level. The process of combining the three materials created a diverse series of shapes, movements and colours that perfectly reflected the nuanced aural soundscape the M3 unit produces.

At points in the film, we submerged components of the M3 Soundbar beneath the liquids. This provided the audience with a glimpse of the branding and fascia. Finally, a snappy edit and creative re-timing added a punch to the final film.

Since the M3 project, we have used a variation of the liquid art concept in another production. You can read more about the concept and execution in our blog post about Liquid Art.

We have produced a number of video and animation projects for the audio industry. Have a further watch of our films for Roksan, Monitor, Q Acoustics and dCS.

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