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Morgan Sindall | Achieve Your Best

Following on from the success of the Operation Spitfire film, Morgan Sindall commissioned us to produce a new corporate video about the recent completion of The Marina Centre, a cutting-edge leisure facility in Great Yarmouth.

The challenge we faced with The Marina Centre was how to demonstrate its services, and its value to the community, without it feeling like a simple tour film?

We decided to focus on a single individual using the centre in pursuit of her best self. The voice over narration further drove this inspirational message.

The aim was to capture the spirit of dedication, perseverance and hard work. To achieve this, we shot the film like a sports commercial. high-energy and RGB tones, thanks to the Astera Titan Tubes. The visual tone was accompanied by a pacy edit, strong narration and a driving percussive soundtrack.

Thankfully, we didn’t have the time challenges that we faced with Operation Spitfire. However, we did face time challenges of a different nature. We only had access to The Marina Centre once it was complete, and open. This required us to shoot in off-peak times, and work around paying customers. Therefore, this shoot was characterised by early mornings and late evenings!

The final film was less of a showcase of Morgan Sindall’s construction abilities, and more demonstrative of the value the company brings to local communities. This has been a consistent trait in their brand, and their video projects, and really demonstrates the core values of the company.

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