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Orient – The Damascus Series

Following a successful Kickstarter, Orient required an impactful product video to promote their range of kitchen knives to a mainstream audience.

Our product video is based on the testimonial of L’assiette Michelin Chef, Luke Fouracre. We filmed Luke’s scenes at his restaurant in Henley-on-Thames. The interview narration provided real-world testimony to the quality and durability of Orient Knives. It also gave us opportunity to film visually interesting, and relevant, b-roll of food preparation.

We spent a further day in a Norwich studio to capture cinematic, stylised beauty shots of the knives. We combined these with the real-world location of the restaurant to produce a polished, and authentic demonstration of quality.

There are many factors to consider when producing an impactful product video. An expert advocate is a powerful force, and helps provide the film with substance and authenticity. Product demonstration is equally important, and it is for this reason we filmed additional ‘trials’ of the product in action. These short clips help provide proof of quality and can entice viewers to buy.

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