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Gemfields | The Buyer’s Guide

Gemfields is a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced, coloured gemstones. So it stands to reason that their annual marketing campaign must always be something truly dazzling.

In their mission to promote coloured gemstones, and their own progressive attitudes to the industry, Gemfields tasked video production company, Lambda Films with creating their hero corporate video content. We carefully considered their brief to fully understand the different requirements. Based on this, we aimed to produce a  series of films that were both educational and promotional. The result were these four films; Responsible Sourcing, Emerald, Ruby and The Buyer’s Guide.

As part of our creative pitch at their headquarters, we invited Gemfields to imagine the brutal, and beautiful, microscopic world of mineral formation. After all, the majority of a gemstone’s story is the 500,000 years spent underground.
To creatively achieve the visual representation of chemical reactions, our London production team used liquid art. To film the cores of real-world minerals, we turned to macro photography.

Finally, the films were complimented with exquisite 3D models and animation. These models helped to tell the stories of ancient myths, African communities and hidden parts of the gemstone process.

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Creative Director:
Ryan Stone
Alex Morris
David Stafford & James Coy
James Gorman
CG Supervisor:
Sandy Heslop
CG Producer:
Toby Matthews
VFX coordinator:
Chiara Masini
3D Artists:
Robert Keable, Marcus Keable, Mark Bradley
Jack Pond
Darren Jamieson
Sound Design & Mix:
Doppler & Dubbs
Dave Escott | Origin Productions