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Sponge needed a fun and engaging explainer animation to launching their new Cake Card product. We combined various creative disciplines to bring the product to life.

It’s not every day you get to treat a client project like a party. However, Sponge was definitely one of them! The playful purpose of product allowed us to really flex the creativity within the team. Everyone was involved; from the videographers and animators, to those who just loved cake…

The script and storyboard process was a fun, collaborative affair. Our team could suggest different creative approaches with no limitations! This led to the final Cake Card production including 2D & 3D animation, stop-motion animation, frame by frame animation, live video, slow-motion and a host of props and production techniques.

The production day utilised a local Norwich studio, colourful backdrops, confetti cannons and a variety of production gear and props. An extended team were on hand to provide… hands. As seen in the final film! Finally, Sponge supplied us with a generous number of Cake Card products, putting the product front and centre.

The promotional film for Sponge’s Cake Card is certainly different to the majority of our video and animation productions. To see our other Product promotional films, watch Orient Knives, M3 Soundbar & Aromastick.

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