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Concept 500

Following a number of successful production projects for Q Acoustics; we were tasked with the big one. This 3D speaker animation was developed to promote the launch of the flagship Concept 500 speakers.

The Concept 500 speakers are a culmination of years of development and evolution, and packing signature Q Acoustic innovations. Therefore, it seemed fitting that the tone of the animation reflected the rise of technology, sci-fi and space travel.

Thankfully, the speaker system comes in a timeless white finish, reflecting the future-facing aesthetic we wanted. We referenced a number of space travel moments in films, and based our 3D camera movements on these motions. The animation, coupled with an ethereal soundtrack beautifully captures the sense of quiet perfection, timeless quality and the eeriness of outer space.

This 3D speaker animation remodelled the basic CAD models of the Concept 500, and the earlier iterations. We applied textures, lighting and movement in Maya, and combined it with additional effects in Adobe After Effects.

We have been lucky to work with a number of hi-fi & speaker brands in our lifetime. This includes video and animation work for Monitor Audio, Roksan, Q Acoustics & dCS. These examples demonstrate multiple approaches; from creative concepts, to lifestyle, informational and dynamic animation.

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